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Our site has been recently established to provide independent assessments of the most important sex guides available on the Internet today. We firmly believe that this is really necessary, since the number of sites that claim to offer sex advice and techniques is continually growing and is becoming more difficult each day to choose the sex guide that best suits their needs, same time without losing your time and money on a site that does not give you anything.

We have also tried to give our readers access to some free content taken from what we believe to be the best guide to sex on the Internet today. This is the site we recommend that all of you who are looking for quality sex-related material.

As I said before, our site focuses on providing information on the best sex guides available on the Internet. We tried to gather as much information as possible, we can not say, however, we have tried each and every site out there. We try to cover the most popular sex guides. However, the criteria on which we base our assessment is not popular, but especially the quality and quantity of content that these sites offer.

It also tried to analyze the type of content that these sites have to offer. We believe that multimedia extras can really make the difference when it comes to a quality sex guide, so this was one of our main rating criteria, the site has the most pictures and explanatory videos that have been evaluated first. So this is the first list of currently rated sex guides, if you have any suggestions about other sites that can review and rate, please help improve them, as our goal is to help you become a better lover:

As we tried to give only the most relevant content, and we tried to review these sites as possible, we could not include information on some other good quality sex guide sites. Please have a further check of our site, we will try to update as often as possible.

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